A Fat Loss Workout That Gets The Result You Want

Almost everyone wants to achieve the muscle bound beach body we see on tv and in magazines. Yet most never reach the target that they set out for themselves; and in many cases it isn’t due to a lack of effort. It’s simply because the vast majority have no idea how to set up fat loss workouts to achieve that look.

fat loss workouts that work

Burn Fat With A Fat Loss Workout

Fat loss workouts that are effective, are so because they’re well designed; and focus on fundamentals such as compound lifts, aerobic consistency, and eating in a caloric deficit. When you mix this multi faceted approach with mental factors like discipline, consistency, and intensity the fat melts off relatively quickly.

Those three mental factors are the hardest time to make a part of who you are. Having the discipline, consistency, and ability to attack each training session with intensity is the difference maker between fat loss workouts that end up doing nothing more than wasting time at the gym, or those that show results.

Let’s get into it by starting with the basics. It’s hard to take calculus when you are getting beat up by basic math, so first things first – you have to make sure you are in a caloric deficit. If fat loss is the goal, then you want to work on coming in around 300-500 calories below your resting metabolic rate; aka: daily caloric intake maintenance.

A Fat Loss Workout That Has Worked In The Past

There are many free sites you can find that will approximate what your maintenance levels are. Knowing these numbers helps with the measuring process. Measuring your progress on a regular basis keeps you engaged, and accountable, to your desired outcome.

One of the best ways, I find, that helps with fat loss is using the method known as “intermittent fasting.” Now you don’t need to utilize Intermittent fasting to get fat loss results, because there are many different ways to skin a cat, but in my experience intermittent fasting helps me lose weight without over-thinking the whole process.

Intermittent fasting works on intervals of time where the longest period of time, say 16 hours, is meant for drinking water only; or resting (sleep). The other eight hours of the day, you’re allowed to eat. This 8-hour period is known as a “window.”

You really need to go out of your way to go into a surplus of calories in an eight hour period; if you are eating the right foods. Normally I will end up in a caloric deficit by a couple of hundred calories. That’s just one strategy, out of many, that work; however, I would recommend you give it a try, and see if it fits your lifestyle.

I want to give you a few staples, or principles, that you will want to follow to help expedite the process:

  1. Protein is crucial to building muscle, and burning fat, so you are probably going to want to have around .77 grams of protein per pound of your bodyweight.  The science behind how much protein you should be taking has not been fully mapped out yet, and there are many different views; with some stressing .36 grams per pound of bodyweight as the perfect amount to take, while others believe some should go as high as 1 ½ grams of protein per body weight.

I’m not sure it makes sense to put that kind of workload on your liver; forcing it to work hard to metabolize all that protein So to be on the safe side, I choose to stick with the.77 grams; it should be enough to give your the muscle building kick in the butt you need – but again, I’m not an expert, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  1. Consume as little sugar as possible because it gets stored as fat
  2. Try to have no carbs after 6pm so your body can deplete glycogen stores as you sleep, and;
  3. Consume plenty of water based foods sticking with leafy greens as much as possible.

When putting together your training program, keep in mind that the idea is to set it up in a such a way so that you are priming your body to burn fat. Eating, with some of the tips I mentioned, will help, but just as important is the movement program you put into place; and the exercises you choose to place within that movement program.

Fat Loss Workout Video

When focusing on fat loss workouts you want mix the training up between weight training, and aerobic training, such as walking for an hour. The weight training that has worked really well for many of my clients has been the programs I designed around compound movements.

I really like compounds movements because just one of these movements requires that you activate multiple body parts at one time. This kind of training gives you the most bang for your buck. Lifts such as the bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press and bent over row. It also doesn’t hurt to sprinkle some pull ups, and/or dips in there as well, if you are strong enough to do them.

Those lifts done three days a week, around a schedule like Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, is enough to help build muscle, and strength, and in the process – burns more fat.

Remember, we mentioned measuring your progress earlier, so during this program, it makes sense to keep a log of your progress, so you know how many reps, and sets, you have done; as well as the weight increases you worked your way through as well.

Keeping the reps low to help build strength, and muscle, faster. The more weight you can lift, the more muscle you build, and the time you spend working on muscle, helps to burn away your fat storage as well.

Finally, let’s quickly talk about aerobic training and burning fat. Working out early in the morning, when you first wake up, and your glycogen stores are depleted, causes your body to burn fat; because it has nothing else to fuel itself itself with

With all the new age style of fad training, like CrossFit, and H.I.I.T. training, long slow aerobics like light jogging or walking has been kicked to the curb

It’s seen as ineffective, or too “old school.” I think the old ways, in many instances, is the best way to go.  Walking in the morning, at a nice steady pace, either on a treadmill with a slight incline, or on varying street terrain, forces your body to rely on your aerobic system; and not the anaerobic system, which tends to be used under intense cardio.

When using the aerobic system, the body reaches into stored fat for energy, which is exactly what we are aiming for. It should be done daily 45- 60 minutes, bright and early, with weight training being done in the evening, three days a week so your workouts are spaced out for recovery.

As the saying goes, “There are many roads that lead to Rome,” and this was just one of the many ways you can help yourself get the fat loss results you want. The key is to get on one of those roads, and begin burning fat today.

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