Is Medical Weight Loss Your Best Option For Cutting Fat?

Does medical weight loss help

Administering prescription drugs for medical weight loss

This is going to be a tough article to write because I know I’m going to get hammered by health professionals, and by those who support health professionals. Knowing that, I’m going to take the hammer out of the bag early on, hand it over, and allow them to swing away.

Here we go – I do not believe you should put your long-term health in the hands of medical weight loss doctors – period, end of story. I know, it makes no sense coming from me – I’m biased, right? I mean, I’m writing this on my own website, and doling out information for the betterment of my own finances, wouldn’t you say that’s right?

Well, to be 100% transparent – it’s absolutely right. I am biased, and I do believe I can help someone more than a medical weight loss doctor can, because I have the results to prove it. See, here’s the thing – I respect doctors, and the study, and training, they have gone through to be able to provide the services they provide.

However, with that being said, I believe, like most other professionals, they are invaluable in certain settings, and absolutely unreliable in others. Would you use a lawyer to file your taxes properly? Probably not. Would you hire a roofer to take care of an issue you have with your boiler? Why bother, right?

If you answered no to those questions, let me ask you one more – doctors have been around forever, so how does it make sense that what they teach today is effective, when they were already practicing medicine while this obesity epidemic was taking place?

Slimming Down With Medical Weight Loss

The obesity rate rose on their watch, yet we’re supposed to believe that what they have to offer is actually going to help us now? I can remember doctors telling my father to switch from butter to margarine because butter was going to clog his arteries and increase the chances of him having a heart attack.

They never told him why the butter was going to clog his arteries, which had to do with the rest of the crap he was eating on a regular basis. Had he decided to make some global changes to his diet, he would have been fine using butter on occasion.

See, the information to help us live super healthy, has been around for many years, and yet doctors were totally clueless about it. The reason is simple – doctors are trained to deal with symptoms, and not the cause.

In some unconscious way, maybe it’s because there is a job security thing going on there. I know that sounds bad, and I probably shouldn’t write it, but I mean – hey, you never know! If they deal with the cause there wouldn’t be as many sick people as there are today. If there aren’t that many sick people, then we do not need as many doctors to take care of people who aren’t sick, does that make sense?

I know, it’s a silly argument . . . or is it? Who knows? What I do know is that doctors had their shot – for many, many years. Now that a new wave of health advocates have made their way to the front of the crowd, I see many “credible sources” trying to discredit them, simply because they do not have medical degrees.

The first line of treatment for medical weight loss is dieting (how’s that been working out for you?), exercise (how’s that been working out for you?), and behavioral therapy (how’s that been working out for you?).

If you’re overweight, haven’t you gone down this route on your own already? In fact, haven’t you reached out to “experts” to help you with these same problems – already? So what are these doctors going to provide, that’s really that different from what the other experts have tried? The answer is not much. This then allows them to take you into their second line treatment, which is what it’s really all about – pharmacotherapy and surgery.

Pharmacotherapy is treating the “symptom,” through the administration of drugs. In essence, “We’re going to fight the fat with these drugs that will probably cause side effects, which we then may need to treat with more drugs to make sure you’re ok, is that ok?”

No that’s not ok, and I hope you’re starting to understand that none of this is ok.  If the drugs won’t work, which they don’t for the most part, we then move into the last stage – we cut the fat out of you. I mean, this is just the most mind-boggling procedure I can think of, and yet people are having it done in droves today.

Heck, it’s even become a part of some insurance programs now. It’s possible to go have, what is essentially, cosmetic surgery done on you today, and only pay a fraction of what it would normally cost. Oh what a great country we live in!!

The reason, at least I believe this is the reason, why many folks choose this route is because they’ve given up all hope in themselves, and in the weight loss industry’s solutions to losing weight. When you understand that you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get what you want, you can begin to make some serious changes in your life – starting with your body.

HCG Medical Weight Loss

When a doctor hands you a pre-printed diet on a piece of paper that looks like it’s been sitting in his bin for months, with things like “grapefruit juice and toast for breakfast,” I can understand why anyone would get discouraged. I love grapefruit juice, but I don’t drink it all that much because it’s usually processed, and I understand, that for the most part, processed means “bad,” so I stay away.

But just because I stay away, doesn’t mean I don’t have it now and again – it’s like a guilty pleasure, and a little variety makes being alive even better. I’m sure I’m dating myself with this, but I can remember Friday nights being awesome because we didn’t know what kind of fast food Pop was bringing home that night.

See, we didn’t eat fast food but maybe twice a week, Friday night and Saturday night (maybe). The rest of the week we had a home cooked meal; so when Pops came in through that door with Mickey Dees, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Today I see people visiting McDonalds several times a day in some instances. When you begin to understand exactly what some foods do to you, then you open yourself up to tasting other foods you may have never tried before. This helps you to realize that you do not have to sacrifice taste for health, and you begin to wrestle back some of that control food has over you.

Doctors are great for emergencies, because in those instances you definitely need to treat the symptom. If I break my leg, I don’t want to go visit the local health advocate. I want you to take my butt to a hospital ASAP!

It also works the other way. If someone breaks their leg, I don’t want them coming to me for help. I don’t have the training or know-how to help that person, and I’m going to tell them they need to go to a hospital.

Doctors are important, and we need them. But we don’t need them to help us lose weight, because they have proven they aren’t capable of doing so without harmful drugs or cutting us open. I know that may sound harsh, but truth is truth. Many sources will tell you that medical weight loss, by in large, has a very low success rate.

If you want to begin dropping weight, and doing so in a way that leans towards a more natural, healthy approach, you can fill in the form below to get access to a free email mini-course I designed titled, “The Key Ingredients To Burn As Much Fat As You Want.”

You can use the information, not use the information – the choice is yours; but at least give yourself as many options as possible before deciding to let drugs and surgery be the only to weight loss. Until next time – take care of yourself – Nicolas


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