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The Lose Weight Fast Paradox

Search the web long enough and you are sure to find half a dozen different ways to lose weight fast. 3 day cleanses, or 7 day starvation type gimmicks, are floating around on the web by the ton. So the real question isn’t, “How do I lose weight fast?” because the answers are already there. The real question is should you lose weight fast?

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Learn How To Lose Weight Fast

We all can, we call could, however should we? This is a great question, and it brings up a topic that is up for debate. It will depend on your outcome, your purpose, and lastly, your lifestyle.

Before running out there and trying the many different ways to lose weight quickly, remember some may, or may not, be so safe; or even good for the body. Fast weight loss causes a stress on the body, and remember – for ever cause, there is an effect. If not now, then later on down the road.

One of my all time favorite boxers is Bernard Hopkins. The reason he is one of my favorites is not just because of what he has accomplished in the sport of boxing, which in and of itself is historical. The guy is a total beast for sure, but what draws me to him is his absolutely extraordinary discipline.

In many interviews over the years reporters have repeatedly asked him what his secret to success is. How does his body keep answering to the demands of such a rigorous sport? How is it possible he can keep going through the punishment of training during training camp then turn around and deal with punishment in the ring?

Is It Healthy To Lose Weight Fast?

I love his answers, because they don’t change, which frustrates a lot of people; since it seems most people today are programmed into always looking for the magic pill, the secret technique, or special food that will somehow give you an edge nobody has been aware of.

Hopkins simply says, “I eat right, I get plenty of rest, I don’t smoke, or drink, and I most definitely don’t do drugs, and have never done any of these things.”

“I eat plenty of fruits and veggies, mostly organic, and I stick to poultry, or fish, and I never allow my weight to fluctuate more than a handful of pounds – usually around 2 or 3.” When asked if there is anything else, or some special training, he usually brings up a good point.

He says, “Hey look, my success is in my discipline. Since I don’t do all those things I’ve just mentioned, my body has very little stress. It’s used to a schedule, and maintenance, that doesn’t deviate – allowing me to run optimally.”

Now a lot of what I just wrote is paraphrased, because Bernard has his own way of saying things, but essentially that is what he was saying; and that hit home for me because everything he is saying is spot on.

Americans, over the past forty years, have become extraordinarily soft. We don’t want to hear about hard work, we don’t want to hear about discipline, and we we don’t want to hear about consistency, because that’s just too hard. Certainly there has to be a magic pill, or secret sauce right?

It’s why so many marketers on the internet, and on TV, make a fortune. They are using the fact that they know you want an easy answer, or quick fix, so they will sell you the dream on just about any product, pill or lotion that gets you a smidge of results. They will make it seem like the best thing on earth and sell it to you at a high price.

I’m not mad at them. We live in a capitalistic society, which means they can sell what they want – and no matter what you buy, you buy at your own risk. If they’re smart, they’ll make sure the product or service they sell is good, so you come back again and again, and tell others about them.

If they’re scumbags, you won’t ever buy from them again, their reputation gets tarnished, and within a few months, or years, they’re gone. On the flip side, if you choose to believe what they’re selling is true, even if you suspect it isn’t, and you buy it – then you’re at fault, aren’t you?

The truth of the matter is there that there is no fast way to success. There is no easy way out, and there is no short cut home….wait a second, I think those are the lyrics to a Rocky song! Even still, it’s the truth.

Video On How To Lose Weight Fast

Are there ways to lose weight fast ? Sure, and I’ll even provide you with a few – just remember, everything we do to ourselves, causes some level of stress which will have a cumulative effect on you down the road if you make shortcutting a habit.

Take a tip from the champ Hopkins and make staying conditioned a way of life so you don’t have to make last minute decisions to cut weight; like a boxer who wasn’t really ready to go into battle.

Here is a few quick ways that can help you shed that unwanted weight in a short time period:

  1. Use albolene before you do cardio or aerobics. Rubbing it on your body, and putting on a shirt or sweater, will make you sweat profusely as you train. Most of it will be water weight loss so beware of that.
  2. Utilize the master cleanse which has been around for many years. It works and its effective at what it does which is clean out your system and lose a few quick pounds.
  3. Go on a juice based type diet for 7 to 14 days if you can take it. It isn’t easy but it works. Make sure to drink plenty of freshly juiced green veggie drinks several times a day.

A better way to lose the weight quickly would be to just take part in the free seven day email course I made available for everyone looking to make a lasting change. Just enter your name and email and I will be sure to get that to you in no time so you can rock and roll. Don’t wait to take action. Remember that victory favors the bold so get started now and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Be well.