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Chewing Your Food The Right Way Can Shed fat

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Chewing isn’t Just For Gum

Have you ever seen someone inhale their food right in front of you? Before you are even 1/3 a way through your meal, they’re staring at you, waiting for you to finish! This may be the extreme version, but the truth is most people, especially in western society, eat their food almost whole. This puts a lot of pressure on the other parts of the digestive system to break the food down so the body can absorb the nutrients properly.

What many people aren’t aware of is that just by chewing your food down to a liquid form, before swallowing, will help you feel full faster, and save you from eating unnecessary calories just to feel satiated. The reason we feel empty, even after a meal, is because we are not getting what we need from your food. In an article form the great Dr. Mercola, he outlines 7 reasons why chewing food is important to your diet.

One reason you may not be able to chew properly is if you are missing teeth. A missing tooth can lead to teeth shifting out of position. The position your teeth hold is important to helping you break down your food. If they start moving around in your mouth, you do not have the necessary power to break down all your food, the way nature intended.

If you have more than one tooth missing, than you definitely need to look into dental prosthetics to help you regain “chew power.” One of these prosthetics gaining much favor today are dental implants. One of the sponsors of this blog, the Tooth Implant Pros, has a new cosmetic dental partner in Brooklyn NY. If you are in that part of the country, you may want to give them a call to find out if they help you regain the “chew power” we all need to live healthily.