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Understanding How To Lose Weight Fast

Living in our society, in these times, means we have to get things done as fast as possible, or risk being left behind. We are so obsessed with doing things faster, and faster, it’s no wonder modern-day philosophers refer to us as living in a microwave-like world.

Instant gratification has taken over the “slow and steady wins the race” model, and it begs the question, “Does faster mean better?” Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that can be done correct, and quickly; for instance losing weight.

Losing 20 to 30 pounds shouldn’t be as hard as people make it out to be, as long as you follow a few simple disciplines, stay consistent, and never forget what your end result is. Losing weight fast can truly be done FAST, if you follow some of the keys we are going to outline here for you in this article.

One of the things to remember is that you don’t want to starve yourself, that’s a sure fire way to not hit your goal. What you want to do is take control of your appetite. I want to start with that because a big misconception is that in order to lose weight fast, you have to either eat very little, go on an all-juice diet.

How To Lose Weight Fast With A Strategy Requires Real Thought

Let me tell you folks something, unless you have a will that rivals the gods, you are not going to last long doing either of those. The key is to find balance, and if you are currently on a weight loss program you absolutely cannot stand, chances are you will not end up successful using it.

So in order to find balance, there are a couple of things that you have to do:

  • Rid yourself of starches and sugars
  • Increase your proteins, fats and veggies
  • Exercise

That’s basically all that you have to do really in order to lose weight fast. Nothing new under the sun folks, oh and remember one important key – keep your mind focused on losing that weight. So let’s go over each key so you can better understand them.

  1. Rid yourself of starches and sugars – now when I say starches I’m talking about carbohydrates. These foods stimulate the secretion of insulin, and insulin is the main fat storage hormone in our bodies. So the trick is to get insulin down, so fat has an easier time to get out of the fat stores and be used as fuel first, before carbohydrates. Studies have shown that just by making this simple adjustment you can move 1/3 of the way closer to your goal weight in the first week. (if your goal was to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, you could lose up to 10 pounds the first week )

And an added benefit is that once you start to cut the carbohydrates out, your insulin lowers, you aren’t as hungry, and curbing your appetite is a big part of staying on your goal.

  1. Increase your proteins, fats, and veggies – simple rule here is that you should have proteins fats and veggies in each of your meals. By designing your meals in this way it will be easier to keep your carbohydrates low.

Protein – this macronutrient helps repair muscle and helps to raise your metabolism

So what kinds of protein choices are available to you:

  • Meats includes – chicken, beef, lamb, bacon pork etc.
  • Seafood – tuna, salmon, shrimp, lobsters etc.
  • And don’t forget eggs they are very good for your and protein shakes have their place as well

Your veggie choices (to name a few):

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Cucumber etc.

The good thing about veggies is that you can load up on them without fear.

Your fat choices:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Lard
  • Tallow butter

People are scared to death about eating fats, but the thing is you need fats in your diet to be healthy. The only question is are you eating good fats or bad fats.

  1. Exercise – so what kind of exercise are we talking about if we are looking to lose weight fast? I will start by saying that you should be working out 3-4 times a week, now that doesn’t mean that you need to go to a gym and lift weights; although lifting weights will help build strength, confidence, and self-esteem – but that’s for another article. You have many options, here are a few:
  • You can go for a jog for 20 – 3- min (best results are gotten on a track as less damage is done to the joints)
  • You could join a boxing gym – these workouts are fun and very intense and also have an added benefit of increasing you self confidence
  • Taibo
  • Zumba
  • Spinning classes
  • Swimming etc.
  • You can even focus on doing the basics at home like pushups squats etc.

The point is to be active and get the body moving.

How To Lose Weight Fast Video

Now that you have the 3 keys to losing weight fast, what should you do? Simple, put together a schedule you can work consistently with, what times you are going to eat, and stay focused on following it until you are done.

It’s really as simple as that; and by the way, if you want to take a day to eat some more carbohydrates – then you can do that. It’s called a cheat day, and most people wait for Saturday to enjoy some good old fashion carbs.

Just don’t go crazy, and eat fast food and candy. Eat good carbs like potatoes, fruits, rice, oats etc. Remember to maintain balance, and more importantly, make it fun.

The Best Fat Loss Workout Is The One You Do

I am often asked what the best fat loss workout is. When I hear this kind of question it just reminds me how far off course most people are . So with that in mind, let me offer you an uncommon perspective to this very common question.

I believe the best fat loss workout is the one you actually do. With so much information best fat loss workoutsreadily available on the internet and in magazines, as well as in infomercials, commercials ads, and equipment promising you quick results – it’s confusing.

There is an ocean of information available yet we are lost in a sea of confusion; and what we need is an island of clarity. Better said, what we need is a paradigm shift; or new way of looking at things. Looking at things from a whole new perspective opens your mind up to a much bigger picture.

I’m not going to get too “heady” or philosophical here so stay with me. Put on your mental track shoes and run with me while I explain how by changing your perspective – you change your life. Let’s get back to the answer most people are looking for.

Does The Best Fat Loss Workouts Really Exist?

When someone asks a question, like which workout is best for burning fat, what they’re really doing is looking for the magic bullet. Something that will somehow do all the work they are unwilling to do. Some special exercise, fruit, food or piece of equipment that will solve an external problem that is really an internal issue.

Trust me, I understand it’s much easier to look for the best workout then it is to eat a high amount of fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water, and work a fitness program on a consistent basis.

What’s interesting is we all, on some level, have an idea of what we need to do to get the results we are after. All this fat loss science has been studied, researched, and documented over the last 30 years, that just about anyone can lose weight, and get in relatively good shape, with the surface knowledge they already have.

So the real question isn’t what is the best fat loss workout, but why isn’t everyone doing what they already know? This is internal territory that is uncharted to most. There are plenty of self help, and personal development, books that attempt to tackle the reasoning behind this type of internal tug of war.

I’m going to go ahead and throw my two cents into the pot as well. While many of the students I have coached understand the concept of personal development, which is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness, I have them focus instead on progressional development.

Best Fat Loss Workout Video

Now that may sound like I’m being cutesy with my words, however words are powerful tools; and just the slight shift in a word can have a dramatic change on the meaning; which of course alters your perspective, and consequently, could change your life.

Although the theory behind personal development is noble, unless you know how to make those changes, and actually follow through on what you know – none of it amounts to a hill of beans. That is why I’m big on teaching results by progression. It’s something we can all understand, and, more importantly, measure.

Progressional development is movement from one area of knowledge to another. Have you ever the saying, “To know and not to do is not know?” Doesn’t this sentence make all the sense in the world? If you aren’t doing what you already know, then you really don’t know it . . . because if you did, you’d do it!

If you know how to ride a bike, then you are doing what you already know. Now if all you did was read books, and study video on how to ride a bike, but you never tried to ride a bike – will you be able to ride one? Answer – no.

Why? Because you do not know how. If you did, you’d be able to ride the bike. When you look at burning fat or weight loss in this manner it becomes just a bit more manageable. I think one of the reasons most people don’t apply what they already know, is because the task at hand seems so large, they see it as a whole; instead of the parts that make up the whole.

So how does this all this tie into what I said earlier about the best workout being the one you actually do? The key is to star at the most basic level, and work your up towards mastery – one rung at a time. One of the best ways to make this happen is looking for fundamentals, things that always work, and then working those fundamentals over and over again.

Even if you don’t have state of the art equipment, or the best strategies, but you attack with the right mindset and perspective, you cannot help but succeed. You will burn more fat, and lose more weight, with a better paradigm and consistent work rate, then you would trying to learn all the latest, and greatest, workouts.

If you want a specific, step-by-step strategy, then join our newsletter, and free access to a free email mini-course I created that outlines seven fundamentals that will help you get started on the fat burning process. All you have to do is enter your name and email address and I will make sure you receive that within the hour so you can get started on your new path to weight loss.

I wish you the best and remember winning and losing all happens before the game is ever played. It’s a mindset. I hope the info I shared today helped you gain perspective on truly creating a unbeatable mind. Until next time be well.