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The Best Weight Loss Workouts Are Backed With Consistency

The holidays are right around the corner, along with the pies, and cakes, that make this time of year so great. What also comes out of this season are people searching the internet for the best weight loss workouts to torch away all the fat they plan to add on over this holiday season.

I believe that the best workouts are the ones you actually stick to. I have mentioned this using the best weight loss workouts for resultsbefore on other posts, because it’s amazing how many people are just not able to stick to anything for more than two or three weeks before they lose interest. Once the boredom kicks in they immediately start looking for the latest, and greatest, fad they can get in on.

I have a few ideas of workouts I believe are great ways to lose weight with, but I’m steadfast in my belief in sticking to an exercise program for at least 90 days before deciding to move on to something else. When you can do that on a regular basis, you will lose some weight. Losing weight will depend largely on how long you perform an exercise or how much intensity you put into a routine.

With that said, there are many workout routines or styles you can follow that have proven to get solid results. You can start with simple aerobics that would include exercises like walking or light jogging as well as jumping up and down on a trampoline.

Best Weight Loss Workouts For Beginners

Those are great ways to lose weight over time with minimal pounding taking place on your joints. Another classic tried and true method is hiking in your local state parks. I have done several hiking sessions this summer alone; and I am in pretty good shape, yet those paths I took still kicked my butt.

Weight lifting is a great way to lose weight, but for many, is only looked upon as a muscle or mass building type of training. Depending on how you structure your weight lifting program you can work toward building muscle while losing weight.

Look at new fitness fads like crossfit, these guys and gals have built up some pretty impressive bodies using a mix of techniques to both lose weight and build muscle. I’m not that big a fan of crossfit because of the fact that they focus so much on timed exercises which tends to lead to improper form and a lot of injuries.

There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to losing weight. The thing is ,that you want to make it fun first and foremost. If it isnt fun for you then that increases the likelihood you jumping off the routine before ever seeing a result.

Best Weight Loss Workouts Video

For those of you who aren’t into working out at all there are still plenty of ways of losing weight. I know a few guys who are not big on traditional workouts and yet are pretty jacked up physically They do fun activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and play on adult jungle gyms just to name a few. Playing a variety of sports are also on their schedules.

I think as long as you keep active, and keep it fun, the weight will come off. Human beings are a lot like sharks in that if we stop moving we begin to die. We are designed to play, dance, run, climb and move in a variety of ways; not to be at desks all day on computer games. Life is meant to be lived, go out there and enjoy life. When you do, I don’t see weight being an issue for you for too long once you start.

Before running out and getting started, you need to know some basic fundamentals of weight loss that will help you understand what you will need to provide your body with to see results. I have put together a 7 day free email course that focuses on proven principles of burning fat to help you get a head start.

Go ahead and enter your name and email to take advantage of that information right away and more importantly be sure to implement what you will be learning. Don’t allow your brain to talk you out of taking action on seeing the results your reserve. It’s like I always say – “The greatest battle you will ever face is fought with the soldiers of thought on the battlefield of your own mind” – Nicolas

Best Exercise To Lose Weight In A Week With

burning fat in one week

Want The Best Exercise To Lose Weight With?

I love covering topics like this because they allow me to get so much off my chest, it almost feels therapeutic at times. One of the major challenges I have with the prevailing mindset, when it comes to health and fitness, are the quick tips, tricks, and best exercises to lose weight with; so many searchers are accustomed to researching, and so many “experts” willing to give.

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you a few exercises that I feel help burn fat, and give you a good workout; but they won’t mean much if you don’t build a program around those exercises that supports the goals you’re trying to reach. If all you want to do is lose weight, then you might find that you gain weight within six months of losing some of it.

If your goal however, is to live a more healthy lifestyle, then losing weight is just a part of that overall process. For example:

  • Rebounding – This one is the king of non-impact training. It’s easy on the joints, and 20 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 40+ minutes of jogging, without all the wear and tear you put on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Walking – Hey, it’s free! Anyone with two legs, and even some without, can go for a brisk walk. One hour of walking, at a moderate pace, helps you burn just as many calories as ½ hour of running hard will, in many cases. So if running is out of the question, go walk.
  • Swimming – Your best bet is the ocean. If that’s not an option, then a pool is your second. If you are going to swim in a pool, make sure it’s not heated. All the chlorine that is already in the pool does major damage to your skin as it is, but when the pool is heated, it does even more because your pores are open at that point.

Best Fat Burning Workouts

If you really want to burn fat, follow-through on any of these movements regularly, and watch it melt right off your body. Now here’s the thing – exercise, especially when you don’t engage in it on a regular basis, is going to make you hungry. The key is to stick to the way you normally ate BEFORE you started exercising.

When you can stick to whatever eating regiment you used before you instituted a movement program, regardless of how clean or dirty it is, the weight will begin to melt off. If you want to help the process along, then you can do one of three things:

  • Cut back on the portions you are already helping yourself to.
  • You can add more water-based foods to the portions you cut back on; to aid in digestion, and help make you feel fuller.
  • You can begin focusing on the foods you eat, and make sure you eat “clean” at every meal.

The first is drop-dead simple. If you were eating a hamburger, fries, and coke every day at lunch, you now only eat the hamburger; and drink a large water with your meal instead.

If it’s option #2, you eat a large salad with your burger and water. If its option #3, you make sure the beef you eat is certified organic, or you buy it from a butcher’s shop direct. You load up your salad with power greens like kale and spinach. If you are going to drink water with your meal, you only take sips throughout your meal. Drinking too much of anything dilutes the acid in your stomach that is trying it’s best to break your food down.

The first option is for those who are serious about losing weight, but do not have the time to go “extra-hard” with their diet. The second option is for those who crave that “full” feeling, but don’t want to sacrifice the gains they can make by cutting back on their caloric intake. The third option is for those who are looking to optimize their health.

Depending on where you are in your life is going to determine which path you decide to choose. There is no right or wrong, there is only “optimization.” Only one path can give you the best results possible – it’s that simple.


If you want to create as much weight loss as possible within one week’s time, then option #3 is going to be how you get that process done; in addition to high intensity workouts. Remember, you can lose weight all you want, but if you’re after fat loss – fat burning workouts lead to real fat loss, period, end of story.

One of these ways consists of fat burning is your choice. Of course If you want to lose as much as possible beyond that one week, then option 3 is still your best choice. It doesn’t mean you must take option three though – you start from where you stand.

Option #3 requires more money spent on the food you buy, so it will definitely require a resetting of your priorities; unless of course price is not an option for you. At that point, you might as well as get the best of the best.

Until you can get to the point where you’re producing income-at-will, it’s probably a good idea to make a little more room in your budget for your food . . . if option 3 is what you want that is.

So there you have it, a somewhat “fat burning program” for you, produced on the fly. I had no idea I was going to write any of this before I started clacking away at the keyboard, but this little program I put together for you can have provide you some great results.

If you want to take it a step further, than you may want to get access to an e-course I put together titled, “Discover The Key Ingredients To Burning Off As Much Fat As You Want.” These ingredients help you shed fat whenever you put them into action. I’ve had clients shed 25 lbs. with these ingredients, and others that have shed 60 lbs. and more!

It’s not the amount that counts, it’s about the desire, and commitment, you have in your heart to shed those unwanted pounds that have been hanging onto your body for far too long. If you really want to lose weight now, then fill out the form below to get started; and I’ll see you in your inbox in the next few minutes.