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Chewing Your Food The Right Way Can Shed fat

chewing gum candy

Chewing isn’t Just For Gum

Have you ever seen someone inhale their food right in front of you? Before you are even 1/3 a way through your meal, they’re staring at you, waiting for you to finish! This may be the extreme version, but the truth is most people, especially in western society, eat their food almost whole. This puts a lot of pressure on the other parts of the digestive system to break the food down so the body can absorb the nutrients properly.

What many people aren’t aware of is that just by chewing your food down to a liquid form, before swallowing, will help you feel full faster, and save you from eating unnecessary calories just to feel satiated. The reason we feel empty, even after a meal, is because we are not getting what we need from your food. In an article form the great Dr. Mercola, he outlines 7 reasons why chewing food is important to your diet.

One reason you may not be able to chew properly is if you are missing teeth. A missing tooth can lead to teeth shifting out of position. The position your teeth hold is important to helping you break down your food. If they start moving around in your mouth, you do not have the necessary power to break down all your food, the way nature intended.

If you have more than one tooth missing, than you definitely need to look into dental prosthetics to help you regain “chew power.” One of these prosthetics gaining much favor today are dental implants. One of the sponsors of this blog, the Tooth Implant Pros, has a new cosmetic dental partner in Brooklyn NY. If you are in that part of the country, you may want to give them a call to find out if they help you regain the “chew power” we all need to live healthily.

Lose Weight With A 1500 Calorie Diet

1500 Calorie Fruit Salad Diet

Metabolic Fat Burning Diets

As you can tell from the title of this page, wacky titles get people’s attention, doesn’t it? Before we start, are you seriously looking around the net for, “1500 Calorie Metabolic Fat Burning Fruit Salad Crash Diets That Work Fast?” If so, WHY?!!

Please stop it! Seriously friend, take a chill pill . . . in fact, don’t take any pills. Just grab an apple, and slice the sucker up as you read this article – it’ll calm you down, while the slices will help satiate your eyes. People tend to eat with their eyes, so if you can create the illusion of “bulk,” on your plate, you can literally fake yourself into feeling good about having something as simple as an apple.

Ok, back into the article, and the crash diet you wanted to get on.  You know, and if you don’t know, you will soon, that diets do not work. They never work, and will never work, because they are not based in reality. In the movie, “Pain and Gain,” with Mark Wahlburg, the guy looked like a mini-bodybuilder – how did he do that?

He was on a special diet, and weight training program, for several weeks before shooting began. He also took supplements that helped him look BIG – but within a few weeks of wrapping the movie up, he looked like the guy we have become accustomed to seeing in most of his movies. Now how the heck did that happen?

Simple really, he stopped doing what he was doing. If you are dieting – once you stop, if you do not replace the foods you normally eat, with a long-term approach to eating and working out – you too will start going back to how you looked. For most people, they happen to be on the other side of the spectrum. They don’t shrink back to who they were, as in Mark’s case, they grow back into who they were.

Burn The Fat With A 1500 Calorie Diet

Marketers know this, and they like to play on that weakness, by providing something everyone craves – variety. We all want something “new,” so if you’re overweight, marketers know you want to lose weight, and you also want something new – ta-daa!!! DIETS!! The slim fast super water flush diet, the grapefruit juice diet, and the detox vegan diets it any wonder there’s a new diet out several times a quarter? You literally cannot get out of a three month period without at least 2 major diets hitting the book shelves.

The Alcachofa Diet is supposed to work because it increases metabolism, which helps the body absorb fat. Because it is an extract from the stem of artichokes, the concentration levels turn the Alcachofa into a diuretic as well. This means it aids in flushing “waste” from your system. It also is a choleretic; which means it helps to increase fluid, making it easier for the liver to do it’s core processes.

In addition, Alcachofa helps to strengthen the entire digestive track from the liver to the gall bladder. One of the words you’re going to see here a lot on this site, and the other sites I have around the web, is the word, “Synergy.”

The body is at it’s best when it is being fueled with multiple nutrients, from different sources. It takes these nutrients, and combines them to unleash energy most people never knew they had. This is why taking supplements on their own, like Vitamin D, or Vitamin C, is so ineffective.

When you take supplements, especially store bought supplements that have been sitting on that shelf forever, you are asking your body to take something that has no life in it – and help make your life better with it . . . hey, that’s a tough task if you ask me.

David Blaine is one of the world’s best magicians, and even he couldn’t make that trick happen. That’s because it is a trick, it’s an illusion. I know this is the “Fat Free Blueprint,” but it’s not “get-fat-free-at-all-costs,” either. I want to make sure you get rid of the weight, and do it in a way that allows you to feel at your best, and gives you the drive to get the rest of that weight off as well.

Alcachofa might very well be good for you, I honestly don’t know. What do know is that a diuretic, which is what it claims to be, does nothing more than increase the production of urine. Urine, by default, is waste; but when you urinate too much, you also begin stripping the body of what it needs.

Acai Berry Fruit Salad 1500 Calorie Diet

The Acai Diet, another one of the “antioxidant diets,” like the Alcachofa Diet I just covered, is a marketer’s dream. Think about how easy it is to come up with material around the fact that berries, house some of the strongest antioxidants on the planet. I mean . . . all you need to do is find some obscure berry, because if it’s too visible you lose out on the mystique, and claim it has the strongest antioxidants of ALL the berries. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Acai Diet.

Even Oprah, who talked about Acai berries on her show, posted comments that clearly distance her from any products that promote Acai berries as the reason for weight loss. We’re talking about a lady who has had her own battles with weight, and is open to hearing about anything that might help her lose weight. Even she’s not feeling the Acai Diet any longer – get the picture?

And here’s the challenge I have with saying beware of marketers – I’m a marketer too! I guess I have to figure out a new label for the marketer’s that use hype and gimmicks to get your attention, and sell you a bill of goods, while never having the intention of getting you those goods in the first place.

There are instances where someone sells you something that never works, ever – but they honestly believed it did work. Maybe they didn’t do their due diligence on the product, or whatever the case may be, but at the end of the day – you weren’t seeing the results they were guaranteeing. They should be held accountable for their lack of research, but it doesn’t mean they were criminals.

Honestly, some of the shenanigans that take place online today is downright criminal. It’s been going on for years, and it will continue to go on. As someone who is serious about losing weight, you need to make the decision as to which road you are going to take. Are you going to continue chasing after each fad diet, as they become more ridiculous and outrageous; or are you going to start using proven methods to get you the results you truly desire.

If you are getting serious about pushing ahead, I suggest you join up for the free email mini-course I put together titled, ““The Key Ingredients To Burning Off As Much Fat As You Want.”  It’s packed with principles that, when implemented, get you the real results you are looking for.

If you’re looking for the “secret” in here – you might be better off typing in “latest celebrity diet,” into your favorite search engine and find out what they have to offer. Until next time – take care of yourself, Nicolas