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Create A Workout Plan That Leads You To Where You Really Want To Go

Success always leaves clues and part of getting quicker results comes from benefiting from the mistakes of those that came before you. Allowing yourself to utilize the experience, mistakes, time and energy invested by others for your own personal gain is the whole purpose behind having a mentor and personal development books.

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Get A Plan – And Get To Work!

Which is why I find it amazing that people in this day and age, still don’t take the daggum information and actually use it. With all the articles and videos available on the internet, there are still countless people who wake up and go to the gym with absolutely no workout plan.

You would think that having a workout plan is the most basic step on your journey to creating a whole new you and yet a high percentage of people kind of just wing it, or go by feel.

Ever been in a gym and just observe some of the stuff that goes on in there? Although it’s no laughing matter, the things people do at the gym can be downright funny at times. When you see certain things, you can tell that the person you are looking at came in unprepared.

What kind of things? Doing things like coming in, and upon entering without any real warm up, and immediately begin banging out a few reps, and sets, of a chest exercise. Then, for apparently no reason, the same person starts a set of bicep curls. After that, they might do an ab machine and end with lat pull downs. Huh?

A Well Thought Out Workout Plan Saves Time

Essentially, what this person did was successfully accomplish nothing. Now I’m not taking shots at people, I’m simply stating the truth of some of the things I have seen at the gym. To some degree you can’t fault them for doing such things; and the reason I say that is because with so much information out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by information overload.

What tends to happen once you get overloaded is that you also get frustrated with so many conflicting beliefs, training systems, regimens and strategies that your attitude toward all this can very easily become something like, “to heck with all of this confusing information. I’m just going to start and do some of the machines or some free weights and see how it feels and go from there.”

Although I applaud people for taking action, simply because so few do these days, and even though you can get results by doing the wrong thing, it’s still not the best approach. You can run south with enthusiasm, and a positive attitude, but if your goal was to reach Canada from New York, then regardless of how pumped up, and excited, you are, you’re just going to end up lost and very upset  – somewhere in Florida!

Going into the gym without a workout plan is just like the example I just gave. You can be pumped up, fired up and super excited, but without a proper strategy, and plan designed to get you where you want to go, then you’re just spinning your wheels.

Trust me, we have all been there at one point, or another, so take it from me when I say your best bet is to always be surgical in your approach. When you’re surgical, you don’t end up wasting as much time, you get faster results and you do it in a more efficient way.

Workout Plan Video

We all have lives to lead, and people we care about we want to spend time with, as well as business, or careers, to attend to. Working out is just one facet of our life, and if we want to squeeze the most juice out of it, then we have to go in prepared. Think about it like a surgeon – he or she knows exactly what they’re looking for, and when they find it, they start operating. You need to do the same.

It will help cut time, and/or procrastination, down to a minimum with a strategy in place. Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  1. What is my ultimate outcome?
  2. What do I want to look like?
  3. What do I want to feel like?
  4. Do I want my workout plan to be designed to help with sports I like to play?
  5. How will I feel when I accomplish my goal?

Now of course there are many other detailed questions you also should be asking such as:

  1. How much do I weigh now and what is the target weight?
  2. Will crossfit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, calisthenics or a hybrid of these programs be the one I follow?
  3. How many reps and sets will be sufficient?
  4. How much rest should I take between sets, and how many exercises should I be doing per muscle group?

As you can see, there are many things to consider before creating your workout plan; but at least these type of questions give you a direction to point in, so you have a target to aim at when starting your program design.

A great way to start the process of designing your plan is to receive the free seven day email course I put together for you, that shows you the process of losing fat, and keeping it off. Once you know the principals, you can apply them with a sound workout program; and with that alone you are off to the races.

So go ahead, and enter your name and email; and start reading what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Remember this, victory favors the bold. Take action; and more importantly, implement what you will learn from the course. Until next time stay healthy.

Extreme Weight Loss Solutions Diets That Work Fast

extreme weight requires movement

To Burn Fat You Need To Move Your Body

The topic today is extreme weight loss, and it’s a topic that is on most people’s minds when they go researching for the best ways to lose weight online today. The reasoning is simple – it’s the sexiest concept out there.

Think about it, would you rather search for ways that methodically melt away unwanted body fat over an extended period of time, or would you like to lose weight in a week, and be your ideal body weight? The majority of folks want to eat anything, and everything, for years and years, and then want to be able to get rid of it all in a few short weeks. Ahh, to be blissfully ignorant.

Here’s the crazy truth though . . . it is possible to experience extreme weight loss in a short period of time. The only line that can be debated from that sentence is “short.” What is a short time period to me, may be long for someone else. Six months, for me personally, is a small amount of time.

Other people look at six months like it’s a huge block of time. It is that perspective that is going to be one of the factors that determines your success rate once you begin down a weight loss program.

If you truly believe that time period is just way too long to be successful in, you’re going to find ways to sabotage yourself at some point in the program. It’s a mind game, and that’s the thing about health and fitness, and in most areas of life I find, and that is the quality of the thoughts you keep in your head is going to determine the actions you take throughout your day.

I often talk about the fifty plus pounds I dropped in less than three months as a teenager, and that’s because I did it in such a short period of time. What I don’t talk about all that much was the twenty pounds I put on after my son Elias, was born. That weight was on me for almost ten years before I made a decision to get in shape, and stay in shape going forward.

Before I cover that. Let’s talk about being “in shape.” This is another relative term I guess. There are certain things, I believe, a man and a woman should be able to that shows whether they are in shape or out of shape. For example, I believe everyone should be able to run two miles at a normal pace, and feel fine when they’re done.

Now I never said they should be able to run two miles every day, because that’s a “fitness” conversation, not an “in shape” conversation. This may sound like semantics, and I guess that would be the case to most people, but I don’t think it is. It’s this lack of understanding that has everybody following the craziest fitness programs and over-the-top diet plans.

How can I make a statement like that? As a nation, we’re almost 80% overweight . . . end of conversation. Now back to being twenty pounds overweight for almost a decade. I was always a basketball enthusiast, yet for some reason I stopped playing basketball after my son was born.

I had created a belief that said, “You must go to work to provide for your family – and that means playing games is no longer an option.”

Learn How To Burn Fat Fast

So I stopped playing basketball, and for the most part, stopped doing anything that had to do with exercise period. Once I decided to play basketball again, the weight came off incredibly fast. And to be 100% clear, I didn’t drop the weight because I looked for the fastest way to burn fat, or researched diets that work fast. It was because I decided I was going to move my body for a certain amount of time every day.

In other words, I believe I would have lost just as much weight if I decided to play hockey, baseball, or football instead. It doesn’t matter what you’re into as long as you’re into something that is going to get you to move.

Those twenty pounds came off in a matter of weeks, not months. When I was doing powerlifting a few years back, I got up to 200 lbs. – the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I also happened to be the strongest I had ever been as well, lifting weight I once only dreamed of.

Once the experiment was complete and I had the data I was looking for, I made the conscious decision to lose the weight I had put on.

Can You Lose Weight In 2 weeks Right Now?

Within nine weeks, I dropped almost thirty five pounds – without using foods that accelerate fat burning. All I did was play basketball several times a week. While I was powerlifting, I did not play basketball, or was involved with any kind of aerobic exercises. All I did was lift, and eat.

Most people skip the lifting and go straight to the eating part. If all they did was add a movement program to their daily routine, they would lose weight in 2 weeks, relatively easy. They would lose even more by month’s end. In 90 days, they would look like a whole new person – just with movement. Now imagine what you would look like if you added all the other pieces in addition to that?

I had a client that mentally checked out of her life, sort of like I did when I was in my “adult” mode after my son was born. She had a relationship she was miserable in, and like many of us do from time to time, she lost her way. She ballooned up to 200 lbs. and was not happy with how she looked and felt.

She came into my class and decided to get serious about changing her routine. She went from the rut she found herself in, to coming to class several times a week, and allowing her body to move again. Six months later, she was 135 lbs., and was starting a boxing class for the first time in her life – something she never thought she would ever do.

Now that’s extreme weight loss in my book. More importantly she has kept the weight off, and has even started adding more pieces to the puzzle that make up a healthy life, like proper nutrition and hydration. The main piece, movement, is now unconsciously a part of her life. If you want a real shot at weight loss, extreme or otherwise, it needs to be with a sound movement program as the foundation.

To find how to burn fat off your body, join up for the free email mini-course I put together titled, “The Key Ingredients To Burning Off as Much Fat As You Want.” Once you submit your information, look for an email from me within a few minutes time. Until next time, take care of yourself – Nicolas