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Instead Of Surgery, Why Not Workout For Weight Loss?

We live in unique times, the main concern for people through the centuries was having enough food to eat. We live in a time where food is so overly abundant we are putting ourselves into early graves by digging them with our mouth.

The number of weight loss surgeries in the United States has gone up from 13,000 in 1998workout for weight loss that lasts to a little over 200,000 in 2008 according to The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

There are three kind of weight loss surgery procedures that have become common place today which are gastric bypass, gastric band and sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric bypass is a process by where the surgeon makes a small pouch and attaches a section of the small intestine directly to the pouch.

The gastric band is a procedure that wraps the upper part of the stomach that makes a division of your stomach into two parts. A small upper part which holds approximately a half a cup of food and a larger lower part. How tight the band gets tightened determines how much food you can eat and how long it takes to assimilate and digest.

Workout For Weight Loss For Beginners

There there is the sleeve gastrectomy which is when a thin sleeve of stomach is created using a stapling device. The sleeve is about the size of a banana and the rest of the stomach , as crazy as it might sound, gets removed.

Putting this sudden and drastic type of stress on the body by surgically rearranging your insides, like you would your living room, will, without question, have some radical side effects. Many have had mixed feelings about their bodies after such rapid weight loss. One of the reasons is due to the excess skin that is left hanging due to the speed at which they lose weight. Their bodies weren’t able to adapt and adjust with the change.

Although surgery can be done to remove this excess skin, many weren’t comfortable taking the risks associated with such procedures. Some of the risks can include hematoma and infections. This puts the patient in a difficult situation because now they have to decide if they should remain unhappy with their saggy hanging skin or risk a surgery.

Some suffer from chronic stomach and intestinal issues along with nausea, intense shaking and dizziness. Those who were lucky enough to skate by having any physical ailments didnt always walk away from surgery free and clear. They had mental issues with their relationship with food which can be very difficult to break.

Looking at food, as if its the enemy, isn’t any way to live. Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced through all its ups and downs. Food is a part of that experience and in the right context make life quite enjoyable.

What we need to get away from is this victim mentality I see so many people have today; and its sad. America has seemed to have lost its toughness. This country was built by people who were tough as nails and that toughness is still in you.

Once you stop looking for the fast way out, or the easy way out, you will realize there is no short cut to success. Before you go down to your local doctor and begin asking questions about surgery options for you, I would suggest basing your weight loss on work you actually do.

Something that no surgery can ever give you is the feeling of accomplishment and pride you feel when you set your mind to a task and dedicate yourself towards it. It does not have to be hard nor does it have to be complicated.

Workout For Weight Loss Video

The easiest way to workout is by simply walking. Walking has gotten a bad reputation nowadays because of all the cooler fad workout programs that are available today. Truth is, walking is still one of the best ways to burn fat, build up aerobic capacity, and increase blood flow in your body.

One discipline leads to another is something I believe in fully; and if you just get started on one simple discipline, then the others will follow. Business philosopher Jim Rohn once said “success is nothing more than a few disciplines practiced every day.”

Walking a few blocks a day will eventually lead to a few miles; and as your confidence in yourself builds, so does your desire for more. You will find you will want to have better nutrition habits, high quality foods, and so on and so forth.

A good discipline to follow is making sure you know the basics of anything you get involved with which is why I put together a free 7 day email course just for you that shows you fundamental principles of fat loss that you can use to get results now.

Enter your name and email and be sure to read carefully and more importantly follow the tips and put them to use. Until next time , stay healthy.

The Best Weight Loss Workouts Are Backed With Consistency

The holidays are right around the corner, along with the pies, and cakes, that make this time of year so great. What also comes out of this season are people searching the internet for the best weight loss workouts to torch away all the fat they plan to add on over this holiday season.

I believe that the best workouts are the ones you actually stick to. I have mentioned this using the best weight loss workouts for resultsbefore on other posts, because it’s amazing how many people are just not able to stick to anything for more than two or three weeks before they lose interest. Once the boredom kicks in they immediately start looking for the latest, and greatest, fad they can get in on.

I have a few ideas of workouts I believe are great ways to lose weight with, but I’m steadfast in my belief in sticking to an exercise program for at least 90 days before deciding to move on to something else. When you can do that on a regular basis, you will lose some weight. Losing weight will depend largely on how long you perform an exercise or how much intensity you put into a routine.

With that said, there are many workout routines or styles you can follow that have proven to get solid results. You can start with simple aerobics that would include exercises like walking or light jogging as well as jumping up and down on a trampoline.

Best Weight Loss Workouts For Beginners

Those are great ways to lose weight over time with minimal pounding taking place on your joints. Another classic tried and true method is hiking in your local state parks. I have done several hiking sessions this summer alone; and I am in pretty good shape, yet those paths I took still kicked my butt.

Weight lifting is a great way to lose weight, but for many, is only looked upon as a muscle or mass building type of training. Depending on how you structure your weight lifting program you can work toward building muscle while losing weight.

Look at new fitness fads like crossfit, these guys and gals have built up some pretty impressive bodies using a mix of techniques to both lose weight and build muscle. I’m not that big a fan of crossfit because of the fact that they focus so much on timed exercises which tends to lead to improper form and a lot of injuries.

There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to losing weight. The thing is ,that you want to make it fun first and foremost. If it isnt fun for you then that increases the likelihood you jumping off the routine before ever seeing a result.

Best Weight Loss Workouts Video

For those of you who aren’t into working out at all there are still plenty of ways of losing weight. I know a few guys who are not big on traditional workouts and yet are pretty jacked up physically They do fun activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and play on adult jungle gyms just to name a few. Playing a variety of sports are also on their schedules.

I think as long as you keep active, and keep it fun, the weight will come off. Human beings are a lot like sharks in that if we stop moving we begin to die. We are designed to play, dance, run, climb and move in a variety of ways; not to be at desks all day on computer games. Life is meant to be lived, go out there and enjoy life. When you do, I don’t see weight being an issue for you for too long once you start.

Before running out and getting started, you need to know some basic fundamentals of weight loss that will help you understand what you will need to provide your body with to see results. I have put together a 7 day free email course that focuses on proven principles of burning fat to help you get a head start.

Go ahead and enter your name and email to take advantage of that information right away and more importantly be sure to implement what you will be learning. Don’t allow your brain to talk you out of taking action on seeing the results your reserve. It’s like I always say – “The greatest battle you will ever face is fought with the soldiers of thought on the battlefield of your own mind” – Nicolas

The Best Fat Loss Workout Is The One You Do

I am often asked what the best fat loss workout is. When I hear this kind of question it just reminds me how far off course most people are . So with that in mind, let me offer you an uncommon perspective to this very common question.

I believe the best fat loss workout is the one you actually do. With so much information best fat loss workoutsreadily available on the internet and in magazines, as well as in infomercials, commercials ads, and equipment promising you quick results – it’s confusing.

There is an ocean of information available yet we are lost in a sea of confusion; and what we need is an island of clarity. Better said, what we need is a paradigm shift; or new way of looking at things. Looking at things from a whole new perspective opens your mind up to a much bigger picture.

I’m not going to get too “heady” or philosophical here so stay with me. Put on your mental track shoes and run with me while I explain how by changing your perspective – you change your life. Let’s get back to the answer most people are looking for.

Does The Best Fat Loss Workouts Really Exist?

When someone asks a question, like which workout is best for burning fat, what they’re really doing is looking for the magic bullet. Something that will somehow do all the work they are unwilling to do. Some special exercise, fruit, food or piece of equipment that will solve an external problem that is really an internal issue.

Trust me, I understand it’s much easier to look for the best workout then it is to eat a high amount of fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water, and work a fitness program on a consistent basis.

What’s interesting is we all, on some level, have an idea of what we need to do to get the results we are after. All this fat loss science has been studied, researched, and documented over the last 30 years, that just about anyone can lose weight, and get in relatively good shape, with the surface knowledge they already have.

So the real question isn’t what is the best fat loss workout, but why isn’t everyone doing what they already know? This is internal territory that is uncharted to most. There are plenty of self help, and personal development, books that attempt to tackle the reasoning behind this type of internal tug of war.

I’m going to go ahead and throw my two cents into the pot as well. While many of the students I have coached understand the concept of personal development, which is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness, I have them focus instead on progressional development.

Best Fat Loss Workout Video

Now that may sound like I’m being cutesy with my words, however words are powerful tools; and just the slight shift in a word can have a dramatic change on the meaning; which of course alters your perspective, and consequently, could change your life.

Although the theory behind personal development is noble, unless you know how to make those changes, and actually follow through on what you know – none of it amounts to a hill of beans. That is why I’m big on teaching results by progression. It’s something we can all understand, and, more importantly, measure.

Progressional development is movement from one area of knowledge to another. Have you ever the saying, “To know and not to do is not know?” Doesn’t this sentence make all the sense in the world? If you aren’t doing what you already know, then you really don’t know it . . . because if you did, you’d do it!

If you know how to ride a bike, then you are doing what you already know. Now if all you did was read books, and study video on how to ride a bike, but you never tried to ride a bike – will you be able to ride one? Answer – no.

Why? Because you do not know how. If you did, you’d be able to ride the bike. When you look at burning fat or weight loss in this manner it becomes just a bit more manageable. I think one of the reasons most people don’t apply what they already know, is because the task at hand seems so large, they see it as a whole; instead of the parts that make up the whole.

So how does this all this tie into what I said earlier about the best workout being the one you actually do? The key is to star at the most basic level, and work your up towards mastery – one rung at a time. One of the best ways to make this happen is looking for fundamentals, things that always work, and then working those fundamentals over and over again.

Even if you don’t have state of the art equipment, or the best strategies, but you attack with the right mindset and perspective, you cannot help but succeed. You will burn more fat, and lose more weight, with a better paradigm and consistent work rate, then you would trying to learn all the latest, and greatest, workouts.

If you want a specific, step-by-step strategy, then join our newsletter, and free access to a free email mini-course I created that outlines seven fundamentals that will help you get started on the fat burning process. All you have to do is enter your name and email address and I will make sure you receive that within the hour so you can get started on your new path to weight loss.

I wish you the best and remember winning and losing all happens before the game is ever played. It’s a mindset. I hope the info I shared today helped you gain perspective on truly creating a unbeatable mind. Until next time be well.

Steps To Burn Fat Fast

If you want to burn fat fast, then it’s time to understand a few basics. Now if you’ve read any of the articles on this site, you know I’m all about shedding belly fat I the most natural way possible before deciding to bring in the heavy artillery like supplements, and pills – but with that being said, let’s talk about a few of the fundamentals most people tend to glaze over; as if they don’t even exist.

Burn Fat Fast Exercising

Burn Fat Fast With Hard Work

First up is mind set. The reason you have a have a belly is because somewhere in time you were slipping. That’s a down home term for “slacking,” or “being careless” for my educated folks reading this. In other words, you either consciously, or unconsciously, decided to stop loving yourself. Now before you pull the plug on reading this because you believe I’m into this mushy-psyche-babble crap that we’re inundated with today, I’m going to ask that you give it a few minutes.

When you’re overweight, you do not love yourself; and I say that because you’re always conscious of how you look, and especially how you look to other people. When I was twenty pounds overweight as an adult, I was in such a bad place mentally, I even stopped caring how I looked to others. It wasn’t until I got out of my own mental space that it dawned on me how bad I looked, and how bad I felt because I was so heavy. When I was over fifty pounds as a teenager it was even worse, so when I say something like “fat people don’t love themselves,” I’m not saying flippantly.

I have a couple of friends who are some of the most mentally tough people I know, and I know that when they put their minds to something they can lose all the weight relatively quickly; but for whatever reason they decide to stay heavy; and even they make all kinds of excuses for themselves when people point out their weight. These are people who will tell you to go fly a kite if they don’t like the way you’re coming across to them, and even they get all bent out of shape about how they look at times.

Burn Body Fat Fast

If it really didn’t matter to them they would not be wasting any mental time in it, savvy? So first it’s becoming consciously aware of where you are currently with your outlook on being heavy. If it doesn’t matter to you, then you will not lose any weight – period, end of story. However, if you can honestly say that it does bother you, then it’s time to make some changes.

Second is to understand where you are physically. If you aren’t able to do certain movements, like touch your toes, do a pull-up, or perform 20 push-ups, you now have goals you can put on your list. See, you need to have a goal list. Most people say they want to lose arbitrary number that came from the sky that’s not based on anything other than the fact they like the way it sounds. In most instances, that number is based off the weight they see on a scale; and that’s probably one of the worst numbers you can use to determine your weight loss goals.

Pants size, waist measurement, or number of reps for a specific exercise are some of the best ways to set goals for getting fit, and losing weight; because they feel more real to you than just a number on a scale. It’s highly likely that you can lose a pants size and not see much change on your scale; and yet many people will see themselves as failures, not realizing how much they have really progressed.

The third thing we need to realize is that what you eat is going to have a major effect on where your body goes. If you keep eating crappy food, then you are not providing the body with the proper fuel it needs to give you the performance you need to be able to do all the movements that cause even more fat burning to occur.

Burn Body Fat Workout Video

It seems like a confusing process, and that’s because we’re inundated with misleading information, and we’re also used to faking ourselves out by using the endless amount of equipment, diets, and supplements available today that “burn fat” fast. Deep down we know that what we eat, and how we move regularly, is really going to create the biggest bang for our buck, but that requires effort – and one of the beefs I have with America today is how soft we’ve become as a nation. The work ethic has become a thing of the past. We no longer want to work as hard as we can to make things happen today.

And all I’m saying is this – if you get the right information, and you combine that with the right mindset, and a great work ethic, then there’s virtually nothing you’re not going to be able to do.  The last thing is movement. When you decide to move your body every day, which will only happen with a desire and work ethic, then weight loss is not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Weekly High Protein Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The one main idea here at is burning the extra fat off our bodies, and the bodies of our audience; and then making sure that fat stays off going forward.

There are many ways to go about this, and one of those “ways” we promote through our free email mini-course, “The Key Ingredients To Burning Off As Much Fat As You Want.”

It’s made up of proven methods that help to melt away fat, and keep it off. These methods are sound, and will get you results . . . however, some people want to go as fast as possible. It’s not enough to win the race. They want to win the race faster than anyone has ever done it before.

It’s this “hack” mindset that can lead us to try things that may not necessarily make a whole lot of sense health-wise. I am all for getting the best results in the shortest amount of time, and I understand that testing needs to be done to continually find new ways to find that data, but it should never be done at the expense of your long-term health.

Thing is, one of the members on my team informed me that this particular site is not geared towards “health,” it’s all about being fat free. So I had to get off my high horse, (sort of), and I decided to stay true to the integrity of the site, but also to my own beliefs as well. Let’s see how close I can get to something that looks like what I’m trying to achieve.

New data being supplied to us by the folks over at The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology shows us that a high-protein diet helped to create more fat loss on test subjects that consumed almost double the protein that was recommended.

For high-performance athletes, the numbers say they should consume 0.77 grams of protein per pound of weight; while the average everyday person should be consuming 0.36 grams.

High Protein Helps Weight Loss

Eggs Help With High Protein Diets

So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be consuming 54 grams of protein a day. On the other hand, according to this new data, the numbers should be doubled to get the most benefit.  So instead of 54 grams, a normal Joe Schmo or Plain Jane, would be consuming around 110 grams of protein – WTF?

First of all, what are the benefits, right? Well, in the cases ran by the FASEB Journal, they found that those with the doubled protein, experienced more fat loss with their overall weight loss.

All the subjects lost about the same amount of weight, for the most part; but those that consumed 2x more protein had lost more fat than the other subjects. Sounds like the next big weight loss discovery has been made, right? Well, not exactly.

See, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study done on people who consumed a high-protein diet found that the evidence was too limited to give the strategy a stamp of approval as a definitive option for burning fat, and losing weight.

Protein Weight Loss Diet

Now the reason I was cautious about publishing this content was because of all the wacky things people can do, and often do, with the information a publisher provides.

The FASEB Journal’s research mentioned that the subjects restricted carbs in a big way while on this particular diet. So one big aspect is to make sure that you do not eat the same amount of carbs, as you do now; when, and if, you decide to use this diet.

Another factor that was never considered in either study, was the use of a movement program. See these studies are looking for The Holy Grail – a way to burn fat and lose weight while watching TV.

It’s my personal opinion that the idea of more protein helping to burn fat has some merit, but everything most work together for it to have the most powerful results. So if you made it your business to move your body every day, in ways that cause you to sweat, I believe a high-protein diet becomes even more powerful at that point.

So here are the “rules” to this diet:

  • You must double the amount of protein you are supposed to be consuming already
  • You must lower carbs and junk food
  • You must institute a movement program to help burn the fat
  • You must consume at least 30 grams of your daily intake within 30 minutes of waking up

Now this is a challenge for many people because they don’t like to eat in the morning. They especially don’t want to be eating eggs and slabs of bacon and/or sausage to reach their protein goals, just a few minutes after waking up.

With this I totally understand. I mean, I like breakfast – but I don’t want a full blown meal as soon as I get my day started. Tim Feriss, who developed the research on this discovery, has shared it with the world, and many have people have put it into action.

Many of the individuals that went on the diet said they were forced off because they were actually gaining weight! WTF?!

Once again, was a movement plan in place? If it was, what was being eaten in addition to the protein? See, you have to run troubleshooting drills on your own before writing to the rest of the blogosphere that something doesn’t work.

So here’s the plan I gave to my brother, who I’m sad to say is morbidly obese, despite the fact that he has ME for a brother. WTF?!!

I told him to begin intermittent fasting, (I.F.) which we will not be able to go over here in this post, but is something I wholeheartedly believe in. His window to eat starts at 12 pm – basically lunch time.

Now with I.F., you are not supposed to eat or drink anything, other than water, before your window begins. Well I changed the rules to the game. I knew he had to get his 30 grams in before the first thirty minutes were up, and since he was on IF he couldn’t eat, so I had him buy a protein shake.

So when he wakes up in the morning, he downs a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar before he even gets to the bathroom to wash up.

He, then, drinks 30 ounces of “treated” water, before he takes his shake. Now for the record, his protein shake is a very poorly created product, but provides him with what he needs in just one 1 ½ scoops – so he’s happy using it. You can certainly do better, and I encourage you to find the best answer for you.

He drinks a 9 ounce protein shake with water; not milk, soy milk, or even almond milk. Mind you, he still hasn’t “eaten” anything – he just consumed a boatload of fluids. To be more accurate, counting the water used for the shake, and the four ounces of water he mixes in with the Apple Cider, it’s a little over 40 ounces of water within 15 minutes of waking up. Lastly, he pours himself another 30 ounces of water; but instead of drinking it all down, he sips at it until he’s done.

So, in the first 30 minutes of my brother’s day, he has not only consumed his 30 grams of protein, but he also drank over 70 ounces of water, and did not “officially” break his fast.

He also creates a sense of “fullness” that helps him reach his window with a lot less hassle. He used to complain about being hungry before starting this plan.

High Protein Diet Plan Meals

Once he begins eating, he’s now focusing on adding to those 30 grams of protein, with the intention of hitting his numbers towards the end of his window – sometime around 7 pm.

Even though his window officially closes at eight, it makes more sense to eat an hour before it’s up, or you actually run through your window if you’re eating at 8pm.

Hey folks, that in a nutshell is the new fancy schmancy program I have my brother on to help him lose weight. Like I mentioned, this is but one way – there are many others. No way is the “right” way, there is only the right way for you.

And to be able to find that solution, you need to be willing to be your own guinea pig; for a while at least until you find it. If this new system we’re trying works for you, please give us some feedback, it would be very helpful.

And even if you do decide to implement this plan, I suggest you still join up for the email course. It never hurts having several ways available to reach the same destination with. To gain access, just fill out the form below. Until next – take care of yourself, Nicolas.


The HCG Diet Plan For Extreme Fat Burning

The Fat Free Blueprint was put together using tried-and-true methods that can be woven into anyone’s life if they are committed to the process. One of the many methods used to drop weight today is “the diet.” This is probably the worst way to lose weight, because it sets up a short-term eating plan for someone who will continue living after the diet is over.

When the dieter goes back into the “real world,” that can include, a stressful work environment, family issues, and relationship challenges, the person, in most cases, will head right back to their old habits. Where diets can be effective, is if they are used as a springboard towards a healthier lifestyle.

For example, if someone got on a diet with the intention of sticking to this diet for a set amount of time, before switching over to a more practical meal plan, that includes a daily movement program as well. When a diet is used in conjunction with a “next step” program, then the chances of success increase.

The reality is that diets are NOT used I this manner, and are instead, created, and sold, as the “hot new way to drop weight instantly!” Unfortunately, people seem unable to stop buying this kind of marketing, because it has been successful for the past 60 years – and with the increase in obesity, this kind of marketing is only going to get worse.

The HCG Diet is now being marketed in this fashion. It centers on ingesting human choronic gonadotropin, a hormone women create during pregnancy, that helps to “reset your metabolism,” so you lose weight every day – even without exercise.

HCG Diet Plan Does Not Look Like This

This Meal Does Not Create Fat Burning

See, my BS meter starts sounding off when I come across something with those kind of claims. Marketing is a tricky thing. It’s meant to provide the customer, or client, with enough information on a product or service, that by the time they are in a position to purchase, there is no real reason for the person taking the order to “sell” you.

But when it gets switched to using scientific-like jargon, to make it seem more credible, just to get you to believe and buy – well, then it becomes a competitive advantage. Those kind of businesses are beating the heck out of small business owners, like myself, who are doing their best to educate while promoting their products as well.

HCG Diet Plan Weekly Results

Here’s what I’m talking about, studies have shown that the hormone, HCG, has nothing to do with the weight loss that occurs during the course of the diet. That’s the “marketing” part. The reason why weight loss happens is actually pretty simple – you are restricted to eating 500 calories in a day.

Anyone limited to 500 calories is going to start losing weight – period! Doctors, from various disciplines, agree that a daily caloric intake for women should be 1200 and 1500 for men. Now understand, those are the bare-butt minimums – this diet asks you to toss that to the side, and for eight weeks, focus on consuming only 500 calories a day between two meals – lunch and dinner.

Each meal needs to include one protein, one vegetable, a piece of bread, and a fruit – who came up with this? One of the major principles of digestion is knowing which foods combine well with others. I take a lot of my cues for eating from the animal kingdom. I know, sounds silly, but I’m not talking about tigers and bears, I mean the animals that closely resemble humans – primates.

The chimpanzees and bonobos are only a few pieces of DNA code away from being humans, and when they eat – they don’t eat in a way where their plate has food that resembles this diet. These primates eat a mostly water-based diet; like the fruits and vegetables suggested here – except they don’t eat them all at the same time.

For a long time, Chimps were thought to be strictly vegetarians, but new research has shown us that they do eat meat on occasion. When they eat meat, they eat it with leaves to help with the digestion. They don’t sit down to have a meal with bread, fruits, and all the rest.

In other words, they “food combine,” but they do it in a way that makes sense. When you combine a fruit, which has natural sugars, and a bread, which is made up of stuff that turns into glucose, “bad sugar,” and mix a protein, and vegetable in there as well – what do you get? You get a very bad mix the body has trouble trying to break down and using.

When we eat, we are, literally, “fueling” our bodies. Now we don’t see it that way, because we’re hungry and we just want to satiate that hunger. And as awesome as the body is, it is still going to have trouble extracting “good stuff” from the “bad stuff we keep feeding it.

Digestion is a function of the body that requires a lot of energy. If the body is using a significant amount of power to digest your food, because it has trouble breaking down the food itself, then it doesn’t have the ability to effectively handle other important duties that need to be carried out.

When the power to handle these processes is not available you start seeing weight gain, sickness, and all the rest. Now in this instance, because there is so little food being consumed, you will be able to get away with this diet, as long as you keep it to the 8-week time period allotted. However, if you continue to eat this way moving forward, after the diet is over – there is going to be issues that arise.

See, what I find is that if we can break-with old habits, we create a new one to fill the void. If you start eating proteins, vegetables, fruits, and breads with every meal – you’re going to develop a habit of eating that way. The old research told us we developed a habit after 21 days, but that information has already been debunked.

New studies confirm that a habit is developed between 66 days and 254 days. In other words, a habit is formed between two and eight months, give or take a few weeks. How long is the HCG Diet? Eight weeks, isn’t it? That’s two months, and falls in line with this habit creation timeline.

Fat Burning HCG Diet Plan

Once you get off the diet, and you still combine your food in this manner, albeit with more calories now included, you may find that you are not able to continue losing weight on a regular basis. The reason is simple – you are not making it easy for the body to strip your food of the nutrients it needs to get the important work done. When you make things hard for the body, then the body will make life hard for you.

I am not a fan of diets, but they can be useful if used the right way, with the right mind-set. If you are looking to burn as much fat off as possible, and do it in a way that is both healthy and effective, you may want to join up for the email mini-course I created, “The Key Ingredients To Burning Off As Much Fat As You Want.

It’s built on principles that work, have always worked, and will continue to work into the future. There no gimmicks found in this stuff, and it’s practical so you don’t have to go shopping two states over to find food you need to complete a meal plan some wacky guru out together.

Fill in the form below to get started, and look for me in your inbox over the next few minutes. Take care of yourself – Nicolas


Is Medical Weight Loss Your Best Option For Cutting Fat?

Does medical weight loss help

Administering prescription drugs for medical weight loss

This is going to be a tough article to write because I know I’m going to get hammered by health professionals, and by those who support health professionals. Knowing that, I’m going to take the hammer out of the bag early on, hand it over, and allow them to swing away.

Here we go – I do not believe you should put your long-term health in the hands of medical weight loss doctors – period, end of story. I know, it makes no sense coming from me – I’m biased, right? I mean, I’m writing this on my own website, and doling out information for the betterment of my own finances, wouldn’t you say that’s right?

Well, to be 100% transparent – it’s absolutely right. I am biased, and I do believe I can help someone more than a medical weight loss doctor can, because I have the results to prove it. See, here’s the thing – I respect doctors, and the study, and training, they have gone through to be able to provide the services they provide.

However, with that being said, I believe, like most other professionals, they are invaluable in certain settings, and absolutely unreliable in others. Would you use a lawyer to file your taxes properly? Probably not. Would you hire a roofer to take care of an issue you have with your boiler? Why bother, right?

If you answered no to those questions, let me ask you one more – doctors have been around forever, so how does it make sense that what they teach today is effective, when they were already practicing medicine while this obesity epidemic was taking place?

Slimming Down With Medical Weight Loss

The obesity rate rose on their watch, yet we’re supposed to believe that what they have to offer is actually going to help us now? I can remember doctors telling my father to switch from butter to margarine because butter was going to clog his arteries and increase the chances of him having a heart attack.

They never told him why the butter was going to clog his arteries, which had to do with the rest of the crap he was eating on a regular basis. Had he decided to make some global changes to his diet, he would have been fine using butter on occasion.

See, the information to help us live super healthy, has been around for many years, and yet doctors were totally clueless about it. The reason is simple – doctors are trained to deal with symptoms, and not the cause.

In some unconscious way, maybe it’s because there is a job security thing going on there. I know that sounds bad, and I probably shouldn’t write it, but I mean – hey, you never know! If they deal with the cause there wouldn’t be as many sick people as there are today. If there aren’t that many sick people, then we do not need as many doctors to take care of people who aren’t sick, does that make sense?

I know, it’s a silly argument . . . or is it? Who knows? What I do know is that doctors had their shot – for many, many years. Now that a new wave of health advocates have made their way to the front of the crowd, I see many “credible sources” trying to discredit them, simply because they do not have medical degrees.

The first line of treatment for medical weight loss is dieting (how’s that been working out for you?), exercise (how’s that been working out for you?), and behavioral therapy (how’s that been working out for you?).

If you’re overweight, haven’t you gone down this route on your own already? In fact, haven’t you reached out to “experts” to help you with these same problems – already? So what are these doctors going to provide, that’s really that different from what the other experts have tried? The answer is not much. This then allows them to take you into their second line treatment, which is what it’s really all about – pharmacotherapy and surgery.

Pharmacotherapy is treating the “symptom,” through the administration of drugs. In essence, “We’re going to fight the fat with these drugs that will probably cause side effects, which we then may need to treat with more drugs to make sure you’re ok, is that ok?”

No that’s not ok, and I hope you’re starting to understand that none of this is ok.  If the drugs won’t work, which they don’t for the most part, we then move into the last stage – we cut the fat out of you. I mean, this is just the most mind-boggling procedure I can think of, and yet people are having it done in droves today.

Heck, it’s even become a part of some insurance programs now. It’s possible to go have, what is essentially, cosmetic surgery done on you today, and only pay a fraction of what it would normally cost. Oh what a great country we live in!!

The reason, at least I believe this is the reason, why many folks choose this route is because they’ve given up all hope in themselves, and in the weight loss industry’s solutions to losing weight. When you understand that you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get what you want, you can begin to make some serious changes in your life – starting with your body.

HCG Medical Weight Loss

When a doctor hands you a pre-printed diet on a piece of paper that looks like it’s been sitting in his bin for months, with things like “grapefruit juice and toast for breakfast,” I can understand why anyone would get discouraged. I love grapefruit juice, but I don’t drink it all that much because it’s usually processed, and I understand, that for the most part, processed means “bad,” so I stay away.

But just because I stay away, doesn’t mean I don’t have it now and again – it’s like a guilty pleasure, and a little variety makes being alive even better. I’m sure I’m dating myself with this, but I can remember Friday nights being awesome because we didn’t know what kind of fast food Pop was bringing home that night.

See, we didn’t eat fast food but maybe twice a week, Friday night and Saturday night (maybe). The rest of the week we had a home cooked meal; so when Pops came in through that door with Mickey Dees, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Today I see people visiting McDonalds several times a day in some instances. When you begin to understand exactly what some foods do to you, then you open yourself up to tasting other foods you may have never tried before. This helps you to realize that you do not have to sacrifice taste for health, and you begin to wrestle back some of that control food has over you.

Doctors are great for emergencies, because in those instances you definitely need to treat the symptom. If I break my leg, I don’t want to go visit the local health advocate. I want you to take my butt to a hospital ASAP!

It also works the other way. If someone breaks their leg, I don’t want them coming to me for help. I don’t have the training or know-how to help that person, and I’m going to tell them they need to go to a hospital.

Doctors are important, and we need them. But we don’t need them to help us lose weight, because they have proven they aren’t capable of doing so without harmful drugs or cutting us open. I know that may sound harsh, but truth is truth. Many sources will tell you that medical weight loss, by in large, has a very low success rate.

If you want to begin dropping weight, and doing so in a way that leans towards a more natural, healthy approach, you can fill in the form below to get access to a free email mini-course I designed titled, “The Key Ingredients To Burn As Much Fat As You Want.”

You can use the information, not use the information – the choice is yours; but at least give yourself as many options as possible before deciding to let drugs and surgery be the only to weight loss. Until next time – take care of yourself – Nicolas


The Cabbage Soup Diet To Help Lose Weight And Burn Fat

brown bowl of cabbage soup

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a Natural Fat Burner

Before we get started on the Cabbage Soup Diet, please understand that this site is dedicated to showing it’s visitors the best ways available to “burn fat.” So, if you are fully invested in a diet, or looking to find someone to validate a diet for you – well . . . this may not the best place for you.

To start off, it’s a “diet.” If you’ve been around weight loss material for any amount of time, you will have definitely heard about the reason why diets don’t work – because they have the word “die” in them. I know, it’s corny, but the idea behind is true. Diets do not work, and it’s because the frame that’s placed around the word is all wrong to begin with.

Whatever you are eating right now today, and have been eating for the past few years, that is your diet. Once you take on any diet, you’re essentially telling yourself, “Hey self, I’m going to forget about the past few years, and we’re going to eat these new foods, and only these new foods, for the rest of my life.”

Can you see how that really does not have too much power behind it? I mean, sure, anybody can do anything for 30 days, 60 days, heck, even 120 days – but forever? And even still, would you want to limit your experiences because you are fearful of food?

I have been up and down in weight several times in my life, and food was never really the issue to be honest. I mean, sure, if you eat 3 hamburgers for lunch every day, you’re bound to have major issues in a relatively short amount of time. On the other hand, if you’re here on this page, it’s because you’ve already made a decision to start losing weight, so I don’t think 3-hamburger-lunches are on your agenda any time soon.

One Of The Best Diet Foods – The Cabbage Soup Diet

A diet, at least the way I see it, is a good way to frame the way you plan on living your life going forward. You go on a diet, and you totally fry your brain for a small amount of time, by only eating a certain amount of foods while refraining from eating the foods you are already used to having.

Then you settle back into a normal routine, while also incorporating, what I call, a “movement” program. Whether you decide on walking regularly, doing some form of cardio, or anything else that requires you to get up and move your body – movement programs are essential to getting the pounds to melt off properly over time.

So if the cabbage soup diet is your ramp-up program, then realize a few things before you get started. The majority of people that go on this, and any diet for that matter, lose around ten pounds before they plateau. The weight that they do lose is only water weight, so unless a real change is made – the weight loss will not be permanent.

Most health experts advise against anyone to be on this diet for more than a few days at any one time, before shifting back to a normal diet; and here’s one last thing to think about before starting – you will experience increased levels of flatulence as well.

Now that we have all that out of the way, let’s talk about the diet itself. There’s really not much to talk about though, is there? You slice up a few onions, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, and big chunks of the star of the show – cabbage. Add in some flavorings, and 10-12 cups of water, and let that bad boy cook for a couple of hours.

Of course you can mismatch a multitude of seasonings, vegetables, and what not – and many people do, as long as you maintain the foundation of the diet, which is to cook, and eat, soup with cabbage in it. Many people start there, but end up adding sausage, and all kinds of other ingredients by the fourth day in!

Use Fat Burning Recipes Like The Cabbage Soup Diet

While you are having soup, remember that exercise is key to losing weight that stays off permanently. You can, and most likely, will lose weight without much exercise, but it will return relatively quickly once you get back to a normal routine.

If, however, you want to burn fat away so that it never comes back, increase energy and stamina, then it’s going to require for you to go as little bit deeper than the shallow waters of diets and detoxes. Everybody loves a diet, or a detox, because they see results quickly.

It’s our incessant need for instant gratification, and once we do lose some weight, we feel good about ourselves. Our sense of worth increases, we have more confidence, and a feeling of achievement that just cannot be beat – but it’s fleeting.

When you really want to burn fat, you need to commit to doing things that you may not have done before – like moving your body every day for a minimum amount of consecutive minutes.

And understand that although this particular soup may by a natural fat burner – it’s not the key to healthy weight loss. To find out how to burn fat off in a way that will not cause you to compromise lifestyle, click here to enroll in a free email mini-course I put together for people looking for a practical approach to weight loss.

Until you decide to play full out, try your hand at cabbage diet – hopefully you will have a better rate of success with it than 90% of the people who get on it, only to fall off, and never get back to it ever again. All the best – Chencho


Best Herbal Green Tea Weight Loss

Natural Fat Burning Green Tea

Herbal Green Tea Helps To Burn Fat Naturally

After several run-ins with doctors early in life, I made the decision pretty early on that I was going to do my best to create results with my health that did not rely on the practices most people live their lives by today.

If a person wakes up in the morning and has a cough they go to the pharmacy and pick up cough medicine. Once that doesn’t seem to be working they make an appointment with their doctor, and get some antibiotics to fight whatever they have. This is what people are used to doing today.

I don’t ever follow that timeline. If I have a cough, it’s because I know somewhere along the line I stopped following through on good health practices, and it’s time to backtrack; and start all over again.

I immediately flush my system out, and do a mini-cleanse where I do not eat any “real” food for about three days. Instead I eat nothing but water-based foods and liquids. This is where I steam vegetables, drink fresh brewed herbal tea, and make vegetable soup.

Usually by the end of day three I’m back to my normal self. But if I’m not healed up by this time, I bring out the big guns – homemade chicken soup and green tea. This knock out whatever I have within a day or two.

Come to find out that green tea, my secret weapon for knocking out colds, is also one of several natural fat burners that help with weight loss. Truth be told I had no idea it was up until about four years ago; and I only found that out because my wife was making so much tea at home, I started drinking the stuff.

Up until that point, I hated drinking brewed tea; and my only secret weapon was homemade chicken soup. If I couldn’t beat out a cold with chicken soup then I would just let nature run it’s course until the cold was out of my system.

Weight Loss Fat Burning Tea

The only time I ever drank tea growing up was when I was sick, and man, did I hate the way it tasted. But man o man, did that crap work so well. You would have thought I would have put two and two together, huh? Nope, I went ahead and acted like tea did not even exist.

After watching my wife knock down tea like a lush during happy hour, I started asking some questions and doing some research. Green tea, consumed without adding sugar or watering down the elements found within with ice cubes, may boost your metabolism with a chemical compound known as “Catcechins.”

These Catcechins are at their peak within fifteen minutes of the tea being brewed. Now here’s the rub – if all you do is drink green tea and expect to lose weight – you’ll be waiting to lose weight for a very, very long time before seeing any kind of results.

Green tea works off of “synergy.” Meaning when you a healthy diet and movement program, it begins working like a charm. You take any of those components away, and you will not see the same kind of results.

When it comes to burning fat, just like this example with green tea, unless you have a foundation that is built on solid rock, your results will always be less than desirable. What you eat is going to determine how much ammunition your body has to burn fat on it’s own, without any reinforcements.

Natural Green Tea Weight Loss For Men and Women

You want to maximize this before you start supplementing with things like green tea. After you are satisfied with what you are fueling your body with, you then want to make sure your movement program is utilizing several fat burning exercises – with rebounding being the primary exercise.

Sure you can work up a sweat with several circuits of high intensity training, but it still won’t match the benefits provide to your body like a 20 minute rebounding session. I’ve covered this topic in other posts, so I won’t repeat why this exercise is so effective, but just know that even if you don’t like it personally – do not let that stop you from adding it to the overall program.

Your movement program is just that – YOUR program. You can add to it whatever you want. Just make sure there’s a daily component to it, so that you are always doing something every day to make sure your body is full fat burning mode the minute you wake up, until the minute you lay your head back down to rest at the end of the evening.

Once fuel and movement have been handled, you want to begin the supplementation process. By the way, “supplements” are not relegated to just pills or capsules. Clearing out your mind, through a process like meditation, is also considered a fat burning supplement.

Many fitness trainers pay no attention to these factors, and believe they provide very little benefit to a person trying to lose weight. They only focus on the things done at the gym, and what you are putting into your body – that’s it. Fat burning, when it’s optimized, can come from various sources, and when they are working in unison – you can see some dynamic results.

I have several clients that dropped 30-40 pounds in the matter of a few months, and they did it with about 25% of the fat burning factors in place. Imagine the results they would have seen, had they implemented 75% of what I told them.

See no one is going to implement 100% of what they know, not even I do that, to be 100% transparent. But when I do, I can see the amazing results that take place. If implementing these kind of strategies and tactics is something you are looking to do, then you may want to fill out the form below to gain access to a free email mini-course I put together titled, “The Key Ingredients To Burning Off As Much Fat As You Want.”

Once you submit your information, you can expect an email in your inbox within a few minutes. Until next time, make sure to take care of yourself – Nicolas