Workouts To Burn Fat Over A Short Amount Of Time

With so much information available today it can be very difficult to discern effective strategies from the trash. There are many articles available, out in the interwebs, talking about different workouts to burn fat; however many times the focus of these ideas are all geared toward weight training.

Workouts To Burn Fat With

Real Workouts To Burn Fat

Although weight training is definitely one of the best ways to melt fat away, it can be too far advanced a program for some people, who haven’t built up the necessary base layer of strength, and mobility, needed to handle the excess resistance of heavy weight.

In my opinion, at least in the beginning, the workouts needed to burn excess weight at a high level comes from bodyweight training. I am a big believer in what I call freedom movements, which are maneuvers that are natural to perform, but have become difficult for most people due to our reluctance to move our bodies on a regular basis.

The three freedom movements I’ve noticed that cut fat with regularity, if performed with enough intensity, are bear crawls, crab walks, and the inchworm. What is amazing is that these freedom movements were what we did for fun on the playground for hours, with what seemed to be very little effort.

Our ability to do these movements decreases as we get older, and become boring adults. When we get older, we get away from the idea of playing due to hectic schedules and rush rush lifestyles. We become more “sophisticated” and no longer call it play, instead, choosing to perform isolated exercises.

Workouts To Burn Fat In Measurable Time

We head to the gyms and ask personal trainers their opinion on the best workouts for our body type and size. We’re then fed some sterile generic program that is a one size fits all plan which may or may not work. The issue with that kind of generic type program is it lacks the move variances required to make the body continue to learn and adjust to new adaptations – which is exactly what triggers your body to shed that unwanted fat.

What most people fail to realize is that it’s not just about knowing what workouts to use to shed weight, it’s about the variances at which you do them. For example if you take someone who walks for 60 minutes on a treadmill for four weeks, and match them up with another who also walked 60 minutes, but instead takes his/her walk outside onto the trails of the local park; what you will find, all things being equal, is that the person who walks the trails will have burned more fat than the person walking the treadmill.

The reason for this lies in the movement variances the trail walker experienced. He or she had to walk up and down through all sorts of varying terrain causing his/her body to always have to adapt to the multitude of stimulus in the environment.

That constant change of pace, terrain, and difficulty will cause the body to adapt by burning the extra fat so that it can better handle the new tasks you have been giving it. This is why freedom movement work so effectively. You are using a variety of muscles simultaneously, over varying distances, and speeds, causing your body to make the adaptations it will need to handle this new stimulus over time.

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You don’t need a Harvard degree in biomechanics, or nutrition, to shed unwanted fat; and that’s the great news. All you need is a desire to want to make lasting change in your life, and the grit to see it through.

With the basic information I gave you, as well as the three natural movements you now have, should be more than enough to get you well on your way to losing unwanted weight and taking charge of your life. It doesnt mean you have to stay stagnant with these particular moves either. Once you get to the point you have effectively mastered, or at least handle, those exercises with ease, you can get excited about moving on to bigger and better movements.

There are plenty of natural movements to work on, and master, over time, which will prevent you from being bored. This tends to happen often at gyms when stuck on a routine for long periods of time. The lack of variety makes it difficult to stick with these workouts to burn fat for whatever time frame you set on your goal.

One important idea that must be taken into consideration before getting started is what I call transitional periodization. It’s natural when you are excited about something to go out, and implement it all; however I would recommend taking it slow, and not throwing too much on yourself all at once.

Because that tends to lead to overwhelm which leads to inactivity and no results. If you already have a particular workout regimen you’re comfortable with, then it might make sense to start off by adding just one of these freedom movements per month.

This gives you ample time to allow your body to make the necessary adjustments to this new movement. See, life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon; and slow and steady wins the race. Continue adding additional freedom movements as you get more coordinated, greater mobility, and stronger in the time or distances you are working.

Have fun with it, don’t be too rigid or particular about how long or how far you should exercise for. Consider it “playing,” and you will find that these three workouts burn fat with enough variety, excitement, and fun to keep you busy for quite some time.

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